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  • Explaining the death of a pet to your child


    Well-loved pets are our companions through life and become part of the family. Like losing a human friend or family member, when they die we can be left with painful feelings and emotions. The devastating loss of a family pet can hit hard, and often none more so than with our children. Here are some…

  • Why people skills are important for dog trainers

    Dog training

    When an owner and a dog walk through the door of a dog training room, they are both there to be trained, even if they don’t realise it. After all, the dog trainer doesn’t train the dog. The dog trainer trains the owner to be able to train the dog. Dog training classes only last…

  • Dog training: what you need to know


    Considering the tough economic circumstances of recent years, you might think that dog training would have been one of those areas that had suffered as a consequence of people cutting back financially. However, this has not been the case. Some people held off from bringing their puppies to training classes at the height of the…