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Dog Behaviour Blog

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  • What It Means When Dogs Lick Their Lips


    There are many reasons why a dog may lick their lips – it can be a way of communicating to people and other dogs, a habit or learned behaviour, a sign of pain or discomfort, or an indicator of an underlying health problem. Sometimes it is normal for a dog to lick their lips, such…

  • How To Spot Fear Aggression In Dogs


    You have likely heard of the fight or flight response that people have to situations or events that are frightening or stressful. Well, dogs can also have this reaction. When a dog feels scared, it will typically run away or hide if it can or become submissive or aggressive out of fear. Dogs can express…

  • How often should I walk my dog?


    Offering affection and amusement, dogs are fantastic companions. It is important to return the love you receive by taking good care of your canine companions. Dogs rely on their owners for many things, including maintaining their health and wellbeing. Making sure your dog gets enough exercise is paramount in ensuring it is both physically and…

  • Why do dogs wag their tails?


    A wagging tail is often seen as a sign that a dog is happy. However, that is not always the case. Dogs use their tails to communicate many emotions, not just happiness, to both people and other dogs. Misinterpreting the wag of a nervous, anxious, or defensive dog for a happy or excited one can…

  • House Cleaning Tips for dog owners

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    Keeping a tidy home can be a challenge for many of us – especially for those of us that own pets. There is no avoiding the fact that our four-legged friends can make a lot of mess. However, there are some ways to keep this from escalating. Here, we share some top house cleaning tips…

  • Getting a puppy used to wearing a collar


    It is important to get your puppy used to wearing a collar and harness and being on a lead, as soon as possible. This will make things a lot easier for you when it comes to training and walking your dog. Here are some tips to help get your puppy used to wearing a collar.…

  • Signs that a dog is about to bite and what you can do about


    As much as we might wish it, our furry four-legged friends cannot speak our language. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to know what they want or what they are going to do. However, it is possible to read a dog’s body language to help us interpret what they want, how they are feeling, what…

  • Top Dog Toilet Training Tips

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    Toilet training is an essential part of any dog’s training and can help you to bond with each other, whether you are bringing home a puppy or an adult dog. It is important to remember that not all dogs learn at the same rate. The odd accident during the first few months whilst your dog…

  • 8 Dog Winter Care Tips for Owners

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    Dogs are very much like us in that they like to be warm and cosy, and they enjoy their creature comforts. So, during winter, your dogs need a little bit of extra love and care to ensure that they are happy, comfortable, and safe. Here are some dog winter care tips to ensure that you…