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  • How to teach dogs to be around children


    Dogs and children can have an amazing bond which is lovely to see, especially if the dog is part of a family with kids. Whilst some dogs seem to naturally love children and instinctively know how to act around them, this is not the case with all dogs. Therefore, dogs still need to be sufficiently…

  • How to help children and dogs to bond together


    While in the vast majority of instances dogs and children get along quite well, there are occasions when something just doesn’t quite click. As the guardians of both our children and our dogs – the responsibility falls to us to find ways to help them co-exist. Dog ownership can teach children many valuable lessons. It…

  • Explaining the death of a pet to your child


    Well-loved pets are our companions through life and become part of the family. Like losing a human friend or family member, when they die we can be left with painful feelings and emotions. The devastating loss of a family pet can hit hard, and often none more so than with our children. Here are some…

  • 4 valuable lessons that dogs can teach to our children


    There are lots of benefits to be had from pet ownership, but one of the most overlooked aspects of bringing a pet into the home is the profound impact that it can have on your family. Bringing a four legged friend into your home can have a powerful effect on your children, teaching them valuable…

  • Dogs and aggression towards children


    Many dog owners become worried when they have a baby coming along that they won’t be able to have both the dog and the child, as they are worried about the safety of the child. This is not surprising. Children can be unpredictable in their behaviour, and so can our dogs. Put the two together…