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  • Introducing our Hydro Physio Canine Treadmill

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    Here at WitsEnd, we are proud and excited to have a Hydro Physio machine and are now able to use water treadmill exercises as part of a physiotherapy rehabilitation programme, offering many benefits for your dog. Here we explain what the Hydro Physio machine is and how it can aid your pet’s recovery along with…

  • The benefits of fun swims for dogs

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    As many owners have the delight of finding out during walks along the beach or beside muddy streams and ponds, the vast majority of dogs love swimming, splashing about and generally getting mucky! Whilst hydrotherapy offers the chance for dogs to improve their general fitness, recover from any injuries and improve their mental well-being, we…

  • Behavioural benefits of dog hydrotherapy


    Hydrotherapy programmes have seen widespread popularity and increased participation in recent years. This has been driven largely by owners seeking the physical benefits it offers to dogs, both in recovering from injuries and the more general fitness benefits such as weight loss and cardiovascular fitness. Perhaps less well publicised are the behavioural benefits that can…

  • Dog hydrotherapy: an overview


    What is hydrotherapy? If your dog has suffered a recent injury or you are looking for a way to improve their general fitness, it is likely that your vet will recommend a course of hydrotherapy. But what does hydrotherapy actually involve? Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat different conditions found within dogs, most…

  • Parsnip – 20 Weeks Old

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    The latest addition to the WitsEnd clan is Parsnip, a loveable little or not so little springer spaniel rescued at 10 weeks old. Parsnip is now 20 weeks old and has shot up already, more than doubling in size. It has been over 20 years since we have had a puppy, having rescued older dogs…