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Dog Behaviour Blog

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  • How to include your dog in festive celebrations

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    Christmas is a lot of people’s favourite time of the year and is full of family traditions and celebrations. However, sometimes our pets are forgotten about and not included in the events. It is often discussed how to keep your dog safe during the festive period, however, it’s less common to talk about how to…

  • Common Dog Fears and Phobias

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    Many dogs suffer from fears and phobias which can be due to a variety of causes such as lack of early socialisation or a negative experience in the past. Here we discuss what the signs of fear are in dogs and what the common dog phobias are. Signs of fear There are often some obvious…

  • Should I be feeding my dog human food?

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    Is your dog addicted to eating human food? This is extremely common. It can sometimes be impossible to refuse those puppy dog eyes at the dinner table when you know they want to try a bit of your food. It’s natural for dog owners to offer their dogs leftovers from a meal or as a…

  • Common Dog Behaviour Problems


    Dog behaviour problems can often be misunderstood by dog owners and can lead to them mishandling the situation. Although every dog is different, here we discuss some common dog behaviour problems and how to deal with them. Barking The majority of dogs are vocal and although howling, whining and barking are normal behaviour for a…

  • 9 Ways to Calm your dog during a storm

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    It is relatively common for dogs to suffer from storm phobia. For many dog owners, they dread the forecast of a thunderstorm. During a storm, dogs can often whine, cry, pant, urinate, pace the house or even be destructive. This behaviour can be stressful for them and can even lead to physical or psychological harm.…

  • What to do if your dog is chewing everything

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    Even though it is frustrating for owners if their dog is chewing everything, it is a natural behaviour and most dogs love to chew. No matter if you have the best intention, it is almost impossible to get a dog to stop chewing completely. However, there are some things dog owners can implement to help…

  • Car Safety for dogs- Travelling Do’s and Don’ts

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    Going on family trips or holidays can be great if your dog can go too. However, travelling with a dog can take a lot of planning and is not as simple as some might think. Here, we discuss car safety for dogs and the do’s and don’ts for travelling with your furry friends. DO restrain…

  • Dogs with Separation Anxiety- How to Help

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    Separation anxiety can be common in dogs. Sometimes dog owners may not even realise it is separation anxiety and instead pass it off as disobedience as symptoms can include barking, howling and even destructive behaviour. Here we explain some of the signs and how to help dogs who suffer from separation anxiety. What are the…

  • A Guide to Exercising Your Dog at Home

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    Exercising your dog at home isn’t as difficult as you might think. Walking your dog daily is important, however, if you are unable to take the dog out for a long walk, there are alternative exercises at home that can still be effective. Here are some tips on how to exercise your dogs at home. Make…