One Day Seminars

Below are a selection of one day seminars run by Sara Whittaker at The College of Animal Welfare.

Understanding & Treating Aggression Problems in Dogs

This is an exciting new one day course that focuses on one of the most serious behaviour problems that dogs can exhibit.

Aggression is a difficult problem for many pet owners and can prove challenging to resolve. This course concentrates on why dogs become aggressive and what motivates the behaviour. It also looks into why the problem is so persistent and difficult to treat.

Through examining case studies and in-depth discussion, the delegate should get a broad understanding of this subject enabling them to give tailored advice to potential clients. Primarily for candidates who have attended previous behaviour courses or who have a fundamental understanding of behaviour therapy, this course should also open up avenues of treatment to either control or rectify this difficult and often dangerous behaviour.

Case Study Day

Primarily for students who have attended behaviour courses previously and wish to broaden their scope and knowledge this course is a one day event that focuses on a range of different problem behaviours through real life case histories.

Areas that will be covered are:

  • Aggression
  • Inappropriate toileting
  • Noise phobia
  • Destruction of property
  • Barking when left
  • Tail chasing
  • And eating disorders such as
    • Pica (eating non food items)
    • Coprophagy (eating faecal matter)

Introduction to Dog Behaviour

Understanding basic dog behaviour is important for those who are, not only working with dogs but, advising owners on basic training matters. By understanding how the dog has evolved, develops and learns we can have a better idea of how to relate to them using their natural abilities.

On this course you will look how the dog has evolved into what it is today and using this knowledge discuss ways of preventing and solving basic behavioural issues.

Delegates will consider:

  • Evolution of the dog
  • How dogs learn
  • Breed differences and traits
  • Puppy development and socialisation
  • Common behavioural problems
  • Ground Rules
  • Case studies

For more information please contact The College of Animal Welfare 08443729410