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One to One Dog Training

One to One Dog Training

One trainer devoted soley to you and your dog

One to one classes

Having one trainer devoted solely to you and your dog is a very effective way of training, particularly with an easily distracted or very nervous dog. Sometimes a dog can do very well in a group course but there are just one or two training issues that are better addressed without too much activity going on.

Some people simply find the more laid back approach in a private session more suited to their needs and it can be a great way of entertaining the kids during holidays whilst they are taught to train and control the family dog in a fun and stimulating way.

Many different tasks can be taught in just one or two sessions and training problems can be overcome such as poor recall or pulling on the lead.

One to one training is a great way to catch up training tasks so your dog can join a group at its age level quickly. For instance we can teach all the tasks on the 6 week Puppy Socialisation course usually within 2 one to one sessions, (although the dog misses out on all the additional benefits of the puppy course such as other puppies and people). But if your dog is young, but too old for the puppy course then this is a great way to catch up, so you can join at the Puppy Progress level.

Typically we would have one session and then have 3 – 5 week gap before the next session so you have plenty of time to practice all the new tasks from each session. Our experience shows this to be the most effective way of utilising this type of training.

Please note that private training sessions cannot deal with behavioural difficulties such as aggression, destruction, toileting, noise phobia or separation problems – for which behaviour therapy is highly recommended.

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