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Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes

Dogs & rescues over 24 weeks with no previous training

Dogs over 6 months with no training

We find that many dogs that have not attended group classes from a young age are highly distractible in this situation. Your dog may not be able to focus on you, the owner, and become playful or disruptive because there is simply too much going on in the room. Nervousness can also be a factor and a dog that is scared in class will not necessarily learn very much.

We like to ease them into learning and focusing on their owners in a sensible way. This course takes only 2 dogs at a time and is completed over 4 weeks. It is very intensive training and we aim to complete all the tasks learned in 12 weeks worth of our group training, essentially 12 weeks of training condensed into 4 weeks.

Whilst it is intensive insofar as the many different tasks that we teach, the atmosphere is relaxed and there is plenty of time to discuss training issues with the trainer and swap stories with the other dog’s owners. Time is always allowed for some off lead play each week where we get the toys out and the dogs are allowed free play, but we will do some coming when called exercises during this time to build on recall techniques. Most dogs that complete this course go on to the Advanced Level.

There are many reasons why a young dog may not have attended group puppy training – illness, injury, being rehomed. This Fast Track Course is specifically designed to catch up the training quickly so you, the owner, can get control and begin to really enjoy your dog.

Your dog must be social with people and other dogs to attend this, or any of our courses. If you have problems such as aggression or problematic barking then this is not the course for your dog and we would urge you to ring us to discuss behaviour therapy.

Course is 1 hour per week for 4 weeks and we take a maximum of 2 dogs on each course.

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