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Advanced Dog Training

Advanced Dog Training

Advanced training to increase knowledge and off-lead control

Advanced classes

Our Advancers course follows on from Puppy Progress and takes your dog’s tuition to a whole other level.

Taking this one step further can make all the difference as you continue to consolidate what your dog has already learned whilst keeping your dog focused and interested by adding in new tasks such as distance and off lead training. These advanced activities help you to continually push your dogs’ abilities and are essential for good off lead control.

This ‘workout’ style course stretches your dog’s mental abilities, focus and concentration and keeps you both on your toes! Many customers repeat this course regularly as a refresher as they find it a fun and sociable activity for them and their dog and will maintain training in a stimulating and inspiring way.

The course is mainly run off lead, however if it is your dogs first advance course then the lead will be on and off throughout until concentration has built up. We offer a range of training on this course including out of sight stays, emergency stops, off lead leave and other tasks useful for the pet owner including lying down at a distance.

As with all our courses we aim to keep you and your dog busy throughout, so there is little individual work and you are all up doing tasks together. This helps put the focus on you, the owner, in a busy environment, especially when your dog is off the lead!

At the end of each class we have a nice off lead play time.

Entry is via Puppy Progress or Fast Track only.

Course is 1 hour per week for 6 weeks.

We take a maximum of 6 dogs on each course.

Your dog must be social with people and other dogs to attend this, or any of our courses. If you have problems such as aggression or problematic barking then we would urge you to ring us to discuss behaviour therapy.

Telephone 0116 244 2455 to book More about our classes

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