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Adolescent Training Classes

Adolescent Training Classes

Adolescents who have been to puppy classes

Puppies 6 to 12 months

Keeps your dog ‘on track’ through the teenage phase

Following on from Puppy Socialisation it’s time to get to grips with some further training whilst reinforcing the basics – which can go a little astray through the teenager stage.

Most people don’t realise that puppies develop into adults in their first twelve months (although there is some breed variation with this). This means that they go through the adolescent phase (teenager stage) often from 5 – 6 months of age. This can be quite a shock and all the wonderful training you have done suddenly seems to go straight out the window. Simple tasks such as sit seem to take the dog forever and it can be like your dog has had a personality transplant.

This is all quite normal. Dogs, as with humans have a slight shift towards independence during puberty and this is all that is going on. What we need to do is firstly acknowledge this and then work through it.

The puppy progress course is designed specifically for this and maintains the basics your puppy has learned whilst introducing new tasks such as wait, the introduction of distance commands and leave in a variety of ways. It also helps that you are all in the puberty phase together with your dogs and you can see you are not the only one!

This hugely popular course keeps your dog ‘on track’ and supports owners with expert advice on common teenage issues.

Course is for 1 hour per week for 6 weeks.

We take a maximum of 6 adolescent dogs on each course.

Entry for this course is usually via our Puppy Socialisation course although we do accept teenager dogs who have undertaken puppy training elsewhere. Another entry level is to have completed 121 training or the Fast Track course at WitsEnd.

Your dog must be social with people and other dogs to attend this, or any of our courses. If you have problems such as aggression or problematic barking then we would urge you to ring us to discuss behaviour therapy.

Telephone 0116 244 2455 to book More about our classes

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