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Dog Behaviour & Obedience

If your dog or cat has behavioural problems WitsEnd® can help by providing safe and practical therapy.

The dog and cat behaviour practice at WitsEnd® in Leicester has spacious facilities, comfortable for lengthy discussions about your pet and perfect for practical therapy.

The types of problems we regularly see are:


  • Persistent barking
  • Noise phobia
  • Indoor toileting
  • Separation problems
  • Destruction
  • Aggression to family & people


  • Aggression to owners
  • Spraying
  • Toileting
  • Over grooming
  • Cat to cat aggression
  • Cat cases are home visits only

Why choose WitsEnd?

WitsEnd® has been heralded the most successful behaviour and dog obedience practice in the UK. With over 2000 cases, our behaviour practice is at the forefront of its industry and is respected by both the clients it has helped and the veterinary practices it closely works with.

At WitsEnd® we give you on-going support as well as practical help and rehabilitation for your pet. In our behaviour consultations we aim to explain your pet’s behaviour in a manner you can readily understand, and to give you tailored practical and usable solutions to modify behaviour. All dog behaviour therapy is conducted at our Centre on Harold Street in Leicester as we have found this to be by far the most successful approach. Cat behaviour requires a home visit.

Whilst we are Leicester based and offer help and support on a daily basis to the local pet population we also regularly accept clients from all over the country. Please email your enquiry to [email protected] and if we think we can help, we will be in touch.

Sara Whittaker Dip CABT has worked extensively with both dogs and cats for over 16 years. Her wealth of experience of these animals has ensured the success of her busy companion animal therapy practice in Leicester. Sara is an author, a frequent media broadcaster, regular feature writer and lectures on companion animal behaviour at The College of Animal Welfare and other venues.

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