Dog School: Adults

Our adult classes provide training for adolescent puppies and dogs over 22 weeks of age.

Adolescents who have been to puppy classes

Ben the Labrador

Puppy Progress - Following on from Puppy Socialisation - it's time to for your puppy to get to grips with some further training skills, as well as maintaining those already learned. This course is essential as most pups reach puberty around this time - it keeps them 'on track.'

Dogs over 22 weeks with no previous training

Fast Track Training - We find that many dogs who have not attended group classes from a young age are highly distractible in this situation. We like to ease them into learning and focusing on their owners in a sensible way. This course takes only 2 dogs at a time and is completed over 4 weeks. It is very intensive training, but allows for off lead play each week to build on recall. Most dogs that complete this course go on to the advancers level.

To increase knowledge & control

Advancers - takes the tuition one step further by teaching distance and off lead control whilst maintaining existing training and socialisation. This 'workout' style course stretches the dogs mental skills, and keeps you both on your toes!! Many of our customers repeat this course regularly as a refresher. Entry via Puppy Progress or Fast Track Training only.