Think Pet by Sara Whittaker

Sara Whittaker offers her innovative prespective on living with pets and answers many of your questions.

Think Pet

Think Pet is based on my experiences as a pet behaviour counsellor and owner. Often pet issues are common sense issues - but you can't see the wood for the trees because you are too close to the problem.

I have written Think Pet in a style that makes it easy and enjoyable to read and more importantly understand. I feel it is important to consider the emotional needs of your pet - by doing this solutions to problems are often obvious. You need to start to trust your instincts.

An innovative and straight thinking perspective on living with dogs and cats in the new millenium which answers many questions in a manner todays pet owner will grasp quickly.

This essential life-long guide includes:

  • All the life stages - puppy or kitten and grumpy teenager through to dealing with death.
  • What makes your pet tick.
  • Sensible ideas on managing everyday pet concerns.
  • what drives behaviour problems and realistic handling of behaviour issues that creep up and take over your life..

Quickly calming fears of what is and isn't abnormal behaviour Think Pet offers invaluable practical advice on all aspects of pet ownership in a way never before seen. Think Pet is the only dog or cat book you'll ever need.

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