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Serene-Um Hyperactivity Tablets

Serene-Um Tablets - natural tablets that actually work.

Serene-Um tablets have been used by discerning Pet Behaviourists for many years. The action is totally natural as they are dietary additives. Working together with the animals body they have a calming effect that can work against depression, hyperactivity, frustration and nervousness. A must for the neurotic! Available in:

Drops: £8.49
Pots of 100 tablets: £14.50
Large Breed: £17.49

Dog Food

Purina PRO PLAN dog food

We stock the complete range of Purina PRO PLAN dog food for all sizes and breeds.

PRO PLAN can provide a balanced nutritional diet, helping to promote a healthy, happy and active life for your dog.

We have regular promotions on dog food and you can signup to be notified of the next special offer.

From: £12.99

Gentle Leader

A snug fitting head collar available in various sizes!

The Gentle Leader is revolutionary in its design. The snug fitting allows for those Houdini type dogs to wear it safely and comfortably and without fear of escape. Scientifically designed the Gentle Leader and its gentle leading action does not tighten up when the dog pulls, simply allows the handler to control the dog with ease

Our price: £12.45

Other Products

We offer a range of other products which include:

  • The latest training equipment.
  • Dog training / Dog anti barking collars.
  • Treats for health as well as pleasure.
  • Toys to educate and occupy your dog effectively.
  • The safest car harnesses available.
  • Attractive collars and leads.
  • Natural treats including pigs ears, paddywack, tripe sticks and raw bones at excellent prices.
  • Gravy bones.
  • Kongs, treat balls and other food dispensing toys.